Argentina’s Best Chefs

Argentina is a country of elegance. A breathtaking majesty embraces the entire landscape, from the tips the fearsome Iguazú Falls in the north, careening down the cosmopolitan coast, all the way down to the chilling tip of Glacier Perito Moreno in the south. While many travelers come back from trips to Argentina raving about the fascinating history of Bueños Aires, their attempts to dance the tango, or their overnight stay at a working gaucho ranch, what many folks walk away with are the tastes of the country. The incredible natural offerings of Argentina; beef, vegetables, fruit, and wine, for example, have contributed to a deeply ingrained tradition of cooking in the country. Now, a new generation of Argentinian chefs is recognizing the influence of this tradition as they interpret it with new flavors and techniques.


The plates from these chefs are truly the ultimate souvenirs from a trip to Argentina.

Francis Mallmann

Argentinian Chef, Francis Mallmann

Argentinian Chef, Francis Mallmann

With a past in Paris Mallmann is hands-down the most famous chef in Argentina. After his European education, authorship of books, and appearance in the Netflix series Chef’s Table, he has established a veritable empire.  But even with clientele as famous as Francis Ford Coppola and Madonna, Mallman stays humble.  He cites his culinary emergence as a chef to his childhood, when he grew up surrounded by home-made meals with his family at a log house in Patagonia. At Patagonia Sur in Buenos Aires, you can sample deluxe versions of local comfort food inspired by his homegrown foundation. Throughout a seven-course dinner, try juicy tenderloin with rich potatoes, humita (creamed corn) with delicately crisped ham, and flan with sweet dulce de leche.


Dante Liporace
Argentina Cow

Liporace is at the cutting edge of “New Argentinian Cuisine” that is journeying to redefine old Argentinian cooking styles and techniques. Inspired by Spanish cuisine, he has dared to introduce bold styles into his dining experiences. He even designed a fabulous nine-course meal titled “Sequence of the Cow,” that takes you from the nose to tail of the noble Argentinian heifer.  The meal includes skillfully concentrated flavors of beef: five courses of tongue, sweetbreads, bife de chorizo, and cheeks included.


Soledad Nardelli

Patagonia Lamb Soledad Nardelli

Sole Nardelli is an inspiring woman. She has a knack for encapsulating the true flavors of Argentina. At her quaint restaurant in the Puerto Madero neighborhood of Buenos Aires, the selection of Mendozan pears, Jujuy quinoa, Patagonian scallops, trout, and lamb, and Pampas duck honor the country’s vast history and traditions.