Z&A in Monnet Gardens, France

Zsolt and Ania Agárdy in Monet Gardens, France

Zsolt Agárdy is a private investor and entrepreneur with diverse personal hobbies and interests, particularly in philanthropy. Because he cares about many causes and has a history of strategic, long-term investing and developing, he is able to make real change across different fields. He participates in a number of fulfilling causes in the United States, Argentina, and the Bahamas.

Although Zsolt now lives in the Bahamas and spent much of his life in Argentina, he remains loyal to his home country, Hungary. He provides philanthropic and fiscal support to Hungarian transplants in Argentina who need help settling and adjusting to their new lives. He also previously served on the board of a classic Hungarian music foundation, and still supports it to this day. His efforts earned him the Knight’s Cross Order of Merit from the Hungarian Republic in 2007.

Zsolt uses his hard work ethic and love of culture to help the Argentine population as well. He supports housing projects for the elderly and sick. He also takes educational initiatives, particularly through the creation of a university during the turbulent era of the 1980s in Argentina. Zsolt participated in the founding of Universidad de San Andres in 1988 through the support of its parent institution, St. Andrew’s Scot School. He helped generate millions of dollars toward the education of kids around the country, and a university auditorium still bears his father’s name to this day.

Zsolt was the president of the Argentine Gastronomical Society from 2002 to 2005, during which time he fiscally supported up-and-coming local chefs, sent them around the world to learn more about cooking, and helped create a guide to classify Argentine restaurants. In addition to gastronomy and education, Zsolt is a passionate supporter of musical endeavors; he donates to Fundacion Teatro Colon, a prominent opera house foundation in Buenos Aires.

Churches play an important role in Zsolt’s philanthropy. He sponsors water-well projects in the Republic of Ghana through St. Hugh’s Catholic Church in Miami, and participates in church-sponsored activities such as the restoration of an old cemetery. He makes donations to Make-a-Wish in Argentina in support of efforts for terminally ill children. 

In addition to philanthropy, Zsolt is a major yachting enthusiast. He enjoys sailing, although it’s more difficult that motor yachting; he has crossed the Atlantic with his sailboat on several occasions with his four sons and wife Ania. Most recently Zsolt sailed from Buenos Aires to Ibiza in two months. Zsolt also loves sports, especially tennis and skiing. His other major hobby is reading because he is always looking to educate himself; he is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Hungarian and Italian, and immerses himself in multiple cultures.