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exploring a gallery Zsolt Agárdy
Zsolt Agárdy and Ania crossing Atlantic Ocean
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Zsolt-Agardy-Teatro-Colon ciclo de recitales
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Water Well project in Africa

Argentina’s Best Chefs

Argentina is a country of elegance. A breathtaking majesty embraces the entire landscape, from the tips the fearsome Iguazú ...

BREEF bahamas

BREEF: Educating for the Future of the Oceans

This past December, Zsolt Agárdy was a benefactor at the bi-annual fundraising event of the BREEF foundation making a significant ...

Abandoned Shipwreck in Alice Town, Bimini

Sailing the Bahamas: 3 Best Islands

The Bahamas: the turquoise water, soft white sand, palm trees gently rustling in the wind.  It’s paradise. If the best part about ...

At a Gastronomical Society of Argentina event


Zsolt has many activities and hobbies, including having served for four years as President of the Argentinian Gastronomical Society.  He is an avid boatsman and has crossed the Atlantic Ocean four times on his sailboat.  His other major hobby is reading because he is always looking to educate himself; ...


Zsolt uses his hard work ethic and love of culture to help the Argentine population as well. He supports housing projects for the elderly and sick. He also takes educational initiatives, particularly through the creation of La Universidad de San Andres in Buenos Aires during the turbulent era of the ...

About Zsolt

Zsolt Agardy is a private investor and entrepreneur with diverse personal interests and hobbies, particularly in philanthropy. Because he cares about many causes and has a history of strategic, long-term investing and developing, he is able to make real change across different fields. He participates in ...